Anime: Informal Review/Commentary: Fate/Zero Season One, Episode Thirteen

Let’s do this!

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(Rider looking at the sea) 

Oh, we’re getting some flashbacks of Rider’s past, nice!

(Waver being very snappish with Rider)

Whats up with your attitude Waver? Though its interesting that he’s getting memories from Rider? I actually hope we get this from all the masters, I’d love to see their reactions.

(First shots of caster and his master)


(Caster saying he wasn’t caught by god).

Well technically if God controls everything wouldn’t their actions be because of God and Gods finally decided to punish you?

(Ryuunosuke telling Caster his opinion on god and how it’s like his writing a story) 

I actually thought this might divide them and Caster would do something horrible but nothing he didn’t deserve to Ryuunosuke (Yeah, I am so not going to be able to remember let alone spell that)

(Caster getting all excited and crazy about Ryuunosuke’s ideas) 

I think the only thing I can say is…. Oh, no….

(Waver pulling a book out about Rider)

I didn’t actually need to look Rider up and guessed he was Alexander the great a while ago thankfully but Waver, you do know you can just ask him right?

(Rider pulling the book out that Waver was looking at) 

I wonder how he’ll react to Waver reading up about him, ha.

(Waver asking Rider about him being short in the history books) 

Is that seriously what you wanted to know Waver? What? Thats your question? This pair never fail to make me smile.

(Caster’s master watching Caster from a bridge) 

This would be a perfect time for Sniper guy to shoot him… just saying.

(Waver getting upset with Rider)

Whats up with you Waver? Rider is treating you like a friend here, its called teasing and banter.

(Waver saying Rider probably wants this contract between them to end) 

I think you haven’t been paying attention to how Rider views you and how its changed Waver.

(Rider talking about how tiny people are on a map so it’s impossible to compare) 

Couldn’t agree more!

(Everyone feels what Caster is about to do) 

Well, this is probably where shit hits the fan, isn’t it?

(Rider saying he would team up with Saber)

Sounds good!

(They talk about how they need to kill it before the monster eats anyone(

Well better kill it fast then and Caster as well! I am incredibly happy that Caster is finally going to be killed, yeah I highly doubt he will live through this though I hope he doesn’t take down any other masters or servants with him. Though I at least know Iri is safe because based on how she is loosing strength, thats likely going to be a part of her downfall, not this fight.

(A voice speaks out without revealing who it is) 

Who is that? (Waits for a few seconds to see who spoke) Lancer, Whoop! So glad to see you, now just don’t die!

(The scene looks likely that the episode will end on a cliff hanger)


(The scene ends) 


Last Sentence Take Away:

Rider and Waver’s friendship is amazing.

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