I will be reviewing/commenting on anime and television shows. At the moment the current anime that I am reviewing is Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga, Bleach, DeathNote and Seraph of the End. The current cartoon I am reviewing is My Little Pony and the current Television Show I am reviewing is Prison Break. I have finished reviewing Fate/Zero. My commentary/reviews of these shows are on my blog.

My Blog

If you type in the name of the anime you want to read the commentary/reviews you’ll be able to find it in search, alternatively if you found one and want just the others, there is a tag you can click which will lead you to the same anime, the tag will always be the anime name and always then end with PC.

I’ve also recently started a Patreon page where if you become a Patreon for only £1.50 you will get early releases of my commentary/reviews. Every penny helps me spend some more of my time doing what I love, writing my opinions on shows and if I get up to a  certain amount, it will also go towards upgrading this website. My link to my Patreon is below.  


Update- My Patreon is currently not running due to the fact I am mostly updating everything I have done in my drafts. I want to be ahead by lot before I start publishing again. Update 2023- I’m back, its been a while ha, so if anyones still interested in what’s going on,  I’m comfortable with what the drafts I have in advance so now, I just have some on word I’ll be adding on and I’m just going to try and make my site more accessible (Putting up more links to episodes so you can hop from different episodes easily)  


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