Anime: Informal Review/Commentary: Fate/Zero Season One, Episode Eleven

No time to talk! Lets go! (Edit so I accidentally deleted a lot of screen shots without realising it until now, so I’ll be explaining what the comment with no screen shot is about) (Edited/Added making it easier to navigate my website!)

(Rider shows up)

I didn’t expect him to go in for the attack? Maybe he’s just here to talk? He seems like a guy that wouldn’t go back against his word about attacking Lancer or Saber without them fighting and one of them winning.

(Rider asks for Saber to drink with him)

I knew it! Haha, there is no way he wants to fight while wearing that. I love you Rider, please don’t die. I don’t think you both are the pair that should win the Holy Grail but I don’t want you both to die either. So please stay somehow… These two are hilarious. Maybe they’ve come to tell Saber about Caster?

(Archer starts to appear)

What the hell?! I know who that is! What are you doing here? Well its funny to think that his just been spying on them this entire time. Thank you Saber!

(Rider saying he invited Archer)


I am incredibly shocked he agreed to that. Though I suppose he seems to find watching other people or finding out about other people “entertaining” so maybe thats why he came? 

(Archer going to pull something out of his portal)

Don’t tell me he is going to pull out some wine, ha!

(Archer pulling out the wine)

He did! Ha! Well have to say despite the attitude you may have won a spot out of my shit list Archer.

(Rider saying he knows who Archer is)

Then tell meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Though I also like your nick name for his as well, I  think I’ll call him Shiny from now on.

(Rider expression when asked why he wanted the cup)

 Why are you blushing? Where you lying to Waver when you said you wanted to conquer the world?

(Saber basically saying she didn’t save Britain)

Um just one thing Saber? Unless this anime has a different world history I’m pretty sure Britain is still alive and kicking? Didn’t Waver come from England? We don’t need being saved because, you know, we’re still here. I say we because I’m a brit, so hi to people reading this.

(Saber talking about Britain falling)

Because we’re not dead Saber! Come over to Britain and read all the myth around you and folk lore, I’m sure you’d be proud that you’re not forgotten and everyone who knows about or heard about the legend of King Arthur  still believes you to be a hero. The only thing I can think is she is actually talking about Camelot but why call it Britain? I haven’t looked up on my Arthur myths but Camelot and Britain I’m quite sure are two separate things. Britain is the land and we’re still here, hello! Camelot was your kingdom, thats what fell, not Britain?

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.35.15.png

Well I don’t quite agree with that statement Rider. Didn’t expect Rider to have that view point either Saber!Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.36.48.pngAh, that makes more sense and yeah I can see where you’re coming from now rider, that makes sense. I do believe that but there is only so many sacrifices you can make.Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.37.41.png

I also believe in this point of view, I think you need to have a mixture of both to be a good king. So they are both wrong and right at the same time.Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 13.38.23.png

I wouldn’t go that far…But true. I defiantly agree with this point, they all seemed to be quite extreme in their different ways. But you also need to inspire devotion and loyalty as well Rider.

(Sabers reaction to Rider)

Poor Saber! It looks like she is having a mini break down here! Can I give her a hug? 

(Sabers flashback)

Oh, wow! Poor Saber but amazing animation there!

(The assassins surrounding them)

Oh, so they are one person after all?

(Rider getting ready to face them all)

Well on this point I defiantly agree with Rider, a king shouldn’t be alone.

(Riders nobile phantasm forming and showing his army)

This isn’t cool, this is epic! Rider, you are officially one of my favourite characters. The music fits so perfectly with this, I love Rider’s Noble Phantasm, like how can the other servants ever be able to defeat a army?

(Rider saying he no longer respects Saber)

Ouch! No! Don’t say that! I’m sure you and Saber can still be friends! Saber and Rider’s fall out, like hurts me…in my soul.

(Archer response to Saber when Rider leaves)

I have no idea what to say to that though don’t think I didn’t notice your lack of conversation in this one. I want to hear your actual opinion on how Saber views being a king and your opinion on how a king should act. I think its similar to Rider because of the way you laughed at Saber but thats all I am getting. No dude, seriously Shiny, can I have an actual opinion other than “I feel attracted to the agonised heavy burden  expression on your face” Ugh, did he say affection? Ummm…..Saber, you have another admirer, well done! To be honest Shiny, despite your attitude I prefer you over killing kids for fun Caster any day. So you do you …understand Saber’s views or/and are you just now attracted to her because she is “entertaining” with the way she views kingship? Let me see into your mind dude.


Last Sentence Take Away: 

Poor Saber! And Rider is EPIC.



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