Anime: Informal Review/Commentary: Fate/Zero Season One Episode Eight

No words! Lets go! (Edited/Added, making it easier to navigate my website!)

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 23.24.51.pngOh no, don’t do anything reckless now…. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 03.20.29.png

Say no! Seriously don’t listen to her. Iri from what I’ve seen of your character you can’t fight and the other women didn’t stand up much to him last time so you won’t help at all, you can’t help out all, just get out of there, okay? 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 17.51.41.pngMmmmm, what do you mean by that Iri? I’m not sure if I like that line of dialogue. She doesn’t…know that Sniper guy is cheating on her, right? 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 18.05.02.png

I blinked, what happened? Thank god! But at the same time how?! Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 18.28.00.png

It might, because he thinks its his fault that you were able to shoot him. Please don’t let this battle leave Lancer’s Master alive, please take him out! Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 18.30.32.png

What are you doing? Why are you not even waiting to see if he gets up again? There is no way he’d go down that easily, are you an idiot? I also didn’t see any blood… Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.03.40.pngIri don’t do anything stupid. Also I have no sympathy for you here, you’re stupidity got you into this situation. Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.06.40.png


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.49.33.pngOh, did I underestimate you Iri? Is that some kind of magic whip? However despite how cool it looks I’m still uneasy about this. Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.54.37.pngOkay, what the hell is that? It looks amazing though! Though I do wonder if this is something she can do because she is a artificial master and if Sniper guy can do this as well, couldn’t Kirei also do something like this as those guys seemed to be quite similar? 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.58.30.pngThat is a amazing ability! It reminds me a lot of the main character death parade ability (Can’t remember his name right now) Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.00.37.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.02.31.pngWhat is going on? What is he doing, how is he doing it? Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.03.51.pngOh, thats where the uneasy feeling came from! Thank you for letting me know show! Also I get magic and all but you were completely tied up, shouldn’t you be to tightly tied to that tree to even move or bring it down? I’d love to know what kind of magic that was, though I assuming some sort of strength enhancing magic or maybe elemental to bring the tree down. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.07.57.pngMind explaining to me why only now you told Lancer this, Saber? That might have been, you know, good information to give him as soon as he said he’d fight by your side! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.11.46.pngPlease let this work!Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.12.53.pngPlease! (Also epic!) 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.13.55.pngYes? Yes? I see blood! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.15.10.pngYES! And that is a brilliant but at the same time horrifying shot! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 22.17.23.pngJust kill him already! Don’t let him talk, go in for the kill! Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 06.50.16.pngWell you’re not looking to good. I assume that if you are killed Lancer will go back to where he came from, so try not to kill him when Lancer is doing something important sniper guy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 06.53.18.pngOnce Again another stupid decision from a character in this show. You were shot, wouldn’t it be the smartest choice to escape and heal, though hopefully this reckless action will get him killed. Also how on earth was this dude able to become a teacher. He’s sounding pretty insane at the moment. Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 06.57.42.pngLancer seems troubled by something, I wonder if his master has been killed or if he can somehow now feel that his master is in trouble and what the hell?! No! He got away? Dam it! How long do I have to wait until someone kills him! Also please don’t let this be Lancer’s last fight! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.33.29.pngDo you have any idea how badass you look Lancer! Half of me loves this because it means you’re still in the game, the other half of me hates this because I seriously hate Lancer’s master. Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.39.34.png

Kirei let your hands go of her! I swear if you injure her severely or try and kill her for real, I will put you on my shit list! I had no idea what to think of your character but it will be going to the dislike category or even hate category if you keep going! Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.44.00.pngHold on!? I know there was a possibility of her dying or getting severely injured but not yet! Right?

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.45.42.pngI don’t care about the sniper woman and for all I know she could be dead but they wouldn’t kill Iri, one of the main character’s this harshly right? If she were really dead I believe it would be a lot more dramatic than this…right? Well either way congrats show for making me incredibly unsure. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.48.56.pngHa! Knew she was still alive! Well, okay I didn’t but I that “death” didn’t convince me so yay for being half right I guess? You go Saber, save her you shining knight in armour! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.51.30.png

Hold on a second….. Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.52.28.pngOh-Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.54.31.png-MY GOD. I love you and Saber so much! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.56.07.pngScreen Shot 2018-05-11 at 18.58.15.pngCouldn’t have said that any better! Especially Sniper girl despite her stupidity, like what? He could have killed you so many times, does she have a magic clover stuck to her outfit somewhere? Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 19.01.46.png

Aaargh, again I don’t like that line, it makes me believe that Iri might know about the cheating or she could be incredible innocent. I’m hoping for the latter. 

Last Take Away Sentence 

Iri and Saber are amazing!

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