Daily Prompt, Fourteen

Daily writing prompt
How do you balance work and home life?

Ah I missed out a couple of days of this! Noo, well I’ll be hopefully doing these every day again as I slowly reorganise my website (I am going through all my posts and all my drafts, adding links to my anime reviews which yes, since I have many many reviews it will take some time)

I’m not a hundred percent sure if I answered this before, it looks familiar but oh well!

I think my simple answer is to just write down what I want to do in a calendar each week, and I also have an app that I can put reminders in for each day, it helps me stay on top of things and know when I should work abs when I should have some down time but of course that doesn’t always work!

I tend to be a bit of a disorganised person and go with the flow a bit too much for some peoples liking but I make it work in the end ha!

Daily Prompt, Thirteen

Daily writing prompt
What sacrifices have you made in life?

This is an interesting one, I don’t think I have made any sacrifices to be honest? I have done things I would rather not do to please other people but I wouldn’t call that a sacrifices, since they are only small things in the grand scheme of thing.

I suppose if I think about it, the biggest thing I have done is try and force myself towards a career I knew deep down I did not want or was not ready for, to please my parents.

I suppose it wasn’t really a sacrifice though because a small part of me, hoped my parents were right and that this was the best choice for my future, unfortunately I should have gone with my gut instincts.

My gut instinct at eighteen was that I wanted to have more experiences before choosing a forever career since in the UK, you can only study one subject in the three years you are there but everyone, including my parents, wanted me to get a degree as soon as possible and I knew that it would make them happy, so I swallowed my doubts and I went for it.

It was the biggest regret of my life…

I was even still trying to force myself to believe that I had chosen the right career, three or four years after my university degree but with no prospect of getting a job in that field.

I finally had to admit to myself, which was hard to do, after that this was not the career path I want to go down, nor was I very good at it.

I now know the future is open with possibilities, I just wish I had realised this sooner, before I wasted three years on my life at University.

I feel like sacrifices are something you are proud you have done for someone else though, and this was not a proud moment for me, in fact it made me believe that I should focus on what I want in life more, so I am not sure I answered the question very well!

Daily Prompt, Twelve

Daily writing prompt
Have you ever broken a bone?

Thankfully I have never broken a bone! I think the worst injuries I have ever had was when I was five or six. I was running about in the playground and some eleven year olds, who at the time looked were big and tall compared to me, ha!

They didn’t see me and basically ran into me, and I fell, hard. I slid across the concrete ground and a part of my face skin and where the skin was exposed, all the way down my left side was basically scraped off. Luckily it didn’t go that deep but it looked like it had and it took a while to heal and I did look worse than I actually was.

Because it looked like it had gone deeply and there was blood all the way down the left side of my body, so I probably looked like I’d come out of a horror film or something.

I’ve had a lot worse wrong medically with me, but I accident wise despite my clumsy nature, I surprisingly seemed to have escaped them so far!

Daily Prompt, Eleven

Daily writing prompt
How do you balance work and home life?

I make a schedule when I can and write down what I should focus on and when, sometimes I will stick to my schedule while other times I get distracted but I do think making a plan on what I should do and when really helps to focus me!

For example today apart from work, I wrote down I’ll be doing some of my online course, so I’ll do that once I got back home from work!

Until I have my anime review/commentary website up and running again (Currently organising it now) I’ll be doing these daily prompts every day. They are fun to do!

Daily Prompt, Ten

Daily writing prompt
What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

I just recently started doing it! Spending less money!

I came back from a holiday recently and realised I spent all of my salary for that month (I was only away for two weeks!) and my salary is meant to last me for a month with a little extra, and so I had to dip into my savings, which I hate doing!

I realised how much money I was really spending on, mainly food to be honest! So since I came back, for around a month I’ve had no takeaways and only made my own sandwiches to take to work.

I hope to continue this trend, so I can afford to move out, I’m still living with my parents as I don’t have enough money to move and so I can travel more abroad as well!

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