Informal Short Review: The Greatest Showman

First Impression: 

This film was fantastic, I really loved the musical aspect of the film, the cinematography also stuck out a lot in this film as well, I really admired some of the shots and how well lit certain dramatic scenes where, that were meant to make you feel something. The characters were also entertaining to watch as well.

Random Thoughts Throughout the Film (Scenes that stick out to me and what I was thinking when I watched it)

Opening of the film

I can tell I’m going to love this.

The whole flash back

So when is he going to become an adult? So be honest I was a little bored when it was showing him as a kid.

Phillip and Barnum song

Omg I love this song and I predict that there roles will switch later on.

Jenny Linds song

I love you Jenny, though I’m not sure I appreciate that expression Barnum, you have a wife, remember?!

Barnum going on tour                                                                                                                    You’re leaving your circus to go on tour with her? This will end well…

Jenny Linds kissing Barnum

I knew it!

Phillip and Anne’s song

Their romance was a bit quick and I wasn’t really into their relationship that much but once again the song was fantastic. Listen to him Anne! You both can do it!

The circus’s song after Barnum doesn’t let them into a party.

What? Why do that? You’re like betraying everybody who believed in you and your dream. Mmmm, I knew you and Phillip would switch places but I didn’t expect to hate you that much. That song was also amazing and I really rooted for them.

The Circus on fire.

I know they don’t die like this in real life but this is a film so…. is Phillip going to die saving the circus? Barnum you better not die as well.

The Circus at the bar.

This is great and all but wheres Phillip? Shouldn’t  he be with them?

Phillip and Anne.

Finally, that took forever. Ignoring the fact it took him almost getting killed for you two to get together. Though I admit it is a cute relationship.

Ending scene.

So glad that happened, I love it!  Barnum finally can spend time with his family. I love how it all came full circle.


I am well aware that this is not factually accurate at all but I enjoy it for what it is. However it was quite predictable what was going to happen to Phillip and Barnum with their characters basically switching places, also some songs you could clearly hear the autotune.


Despite hearing the autotune on some of the songs, most of them where really good and rememberable. I especially loved The Other Side, Never Enough, The Greatest Show, This is Me and Rewrite The Stars. The acting was also fantastic and I really felt for the characters, no one was irrelevant and they all stood out.


(Mainly because I could hear the autotune very easily in some of the songs)

Overall conclusion:

A really well shot film, the cinematography was fantastic. The choreography was also amazing and fit so well with the song. It was a well paced film and didn’t drag, I definitely recommend this film, especially to musical lovers. Have a great week x

Last word: Its never ENOOOUGGH.

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