Informal Medium Review: Darkest Hour

First Impression:

Honestly so far this is the best 2018 film that I’ve seen. Everything was executed excellently. Funny story, I didn’t actually know much about the film and I chose to watch it when I was to late for a different film at the cinema. I knew I liked war films and films about Winston Churchill so I thought why not? I honestly wasn’t expecting much and just thought it would be okay but nothing special, boy I was wrong.

Random Thoughts Throughout The Film (Scenes that stick out to me and what I was thinking when I watched i)

Winston Churchill is introduced

Yesssss! Though I do feel really bad for Elisabeth.

Winston Churchill complaining about Elisabeth’s typewriting skills

I expected this but I am still somehow angry, why? Elisabeth I hope you are a real person in history as you are amazing, if you are not, still a great character.

Elisabeth and Churchill’s wife’s conversation. 

I love you both. Yes, he definitely is a brute despite being a great man.

Elisabeth tries to tell them about the telegraph. 


Winston Churchill and his wife’s playful conversation about him being herself. 

Fucking fantastic dialogue, I love you both.

Winston Churchill speech (For without Victory, there is no survival)

JUST LISTEN TO HIM, I hate you all.

Winston Churchill trying to speak French. 

Lol, just no…. speak to him in English, you’re embarrassing yourself.

The French calls the English Delusional 

I don’t know why but I really loved that line.

Winston basically lying on on the radio. 

I can understand but bloody hell…

King George and Winston Churchill first couple of interactions. 

I am holding my breath, I don’t know why. Mmmm, though didn’t they support him? Or maybe I am getting my history wrong.

Winston Churchill (It is the reason I sit in this chair!)

I love this film.

Winston Churchill talking to Roosevelt 

Oh god I really feel his desperation here, it was a little heart breaking to be honest.

Winston getting the civilian boats involved.

Omg, this is Dunkirk isn’t it? I am stupid, how the hell did I not notice that?!

Winston Churchill (You can’t reason with a Tiger when your head is in its mouth)

Fantastic acting all the way through, especially this scene. This film is seriously amazing!

Winston Churchill and King George talk more

This friendship blossoming between them is shown excellently.

Winston eventually considering the terms after he is backed into a corner. 

I love and hate hearing the defeat in his voice, I wanted to cry out, don’t give up yet! Even though we all know how it turns out. The film still managed to make me worry and feel a lot of emotion as to what was going on.

Halifax gets his way. 

I hate you.

King George (You know what? I feel angry)

Yes! I knew I was right and they were on Winston Churchill’s side. I liked you after the interaction with Churchill and now I think I love you….just saying….it might be weird though.

Winston Churchill trying to write his speech. 

So sad. I did feel a little bit like crying.

King George giving Winston Churchill his support. 

I knew it and I LOVE YOU.

Winston Churchill talks to the public. 

I love you all. I think I almost shed a tear at this moment, I was just so happy with everything and quite prideful as well.

Churchill gains the support and the ending shot. 

I love everything. Fantastic Cinematography.



Like the Greatest Showman as this is an historical event film, that the way certain things where presented or came across was probably not very accurate.


The acting was marvellous, as was the cinematography including the script. Best film I’ve watched so far this year. I definitely recommend it to anyone.



Overal Conclusion 

Bloody fantastic film. The atmosphere while watching this film was amazing and I feel like I loved it even more because I went into it not really expecting anything on a wide scale. I am so glad I was wrong and I definitely don’t regret seeing this instead of the Death Cure which I was originally planning to see. It was also incredibly satisfying and let you feel a lot of pride for being British, whether correct or not and proud in the end, we stood our ground, thanks to that man, despite all the terrible things he’d done.

Last word: “If This Long Island Story Of Ours Where to End, Let It End Only When Each Of Us Lies Choking In His Own Blood Along The Ground!”






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