Daily Prompt, Thirteen

Daily writing prompt
What sacrifices have you made in life?

This is an interesting one, I don’t think I have made any sacrifices to be honest? I have done things I would rather not do to please other people but I wouldn’t call that a sacrifices, since they are only small things in the grand scheme of thing.

I suppose if I think about it, the biggest thing I have done is try and force myself towards a career I knew deep down I did not want or was not ready for, to please my parents.

I suppose it wasn’t really a sacrifice though because a small part of me, hoped my parents were right and that this was the best choice for my future, unfortunately I should have gone with my gut instincts.

My gut instinct at eighteen was that I wanted to have more experiences before choosing a forever career since in the UK, you can only study one subject in the three years you are there but everyone, including my parents, wanted me to get a degree as soon as possible and I knew that it would make them happy, so I swallowed my doubts and I went for it.

It was the biggest regret of my life…

I was even still trying to force myself to believe that I had chosen the right career, three or four years after my university degree but with no prospect of getting a job in that field.

I finally had to admit to myself, which was hard to do, after that this was not the career path I want to go down, nor was I very good at it.

I now know the future is open with possibilities, I just wish I had realised this sooner, before I wasted three years on my life at University.

I feel like sacrifices are something you are proud you have done for someone else though, and this was not a proud moment for me, in fact it made me believe that I should focus on what I want in life more, so I am not sure I answered the question very well!

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