Daily Prompt, Twelve

Daily writing prompt
Have you ever broken a bone?

Thankfully I have never broken a bone! I think the worst injuries I have ever had was when I was five or six. I was running about in the playground and some eleven year olds, who at the time looked were big and tall compared to me, ha!

They didn’t see me and basically ran into me, and I fell, hard. I slid across the concrete ground and a part of my face skin and where the skin was exposed, all the way down my left side was basically scraped off. Luckily it didn’t go that deep but it looked like it had and it took a while to heal and I did look worse than I actually was.

Because it looked like it had gone deeply and there was blood all the way down the left side of my body, so I probably looked like I’d come out of a horror film or something.

I’ve had a lot worse wrong medically with me, but I accident wise despite my clumsy nature, I surprisingly seemed to have escaped them so far!

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