Daily Prompt, Two

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

My favourite holiday has to be a mash up between Spain, USA and Costa Rica.

While I am organising my site I decided to write these every day.

I also really love a place in England (I’m from England) in the county Devon, the sea will part and you can walk across this beach at certain hours to get to an island called Burgh Island. I used to go there once a year and we’d stay at a hotel that was just opposite the island. It was pretty when it was sunny but I just have such fond memories, the hotel had a small cafe that used to serve homemade cakes that I enjoyed and the beach was so easy to get too, our hotel was just on the edge, so you just had to walk down this ramp, then you were on the beach, I also really liked walking about the beach with my family and our dog, who loved it, who now unfortunately has passed away but he got to a good age and lived a fantastic life. I could be wrong but I think he experienced his first beach and saw the sea and sand for the first time on that beach.

USA is another of my favourite holidays but this might be just because I’m a massive fan of theme parks and I never grow out of loving them. I am massively jealous of the US’s theme parks in Florida, they’re amazing! I loved the theme park food, I loved the colours, I loved the rides, so yeah fantastic! Also in the US theme parks was the first time I experienced these water vapour things that helped keep you cool and now that the UK is getting hotter and hotter in the summer, I always think about them and how refreshing those things were! I’m sure they have a specific name but we don’t have any of them over here or at least I haven’t seen them.

Costa Rica, animal and scenery wise this holiday was amazing! The scenery was so pretty, we toured around Costa Rica for a little bit. The hotels we stayed in were top notch, we went to an area where could could see loads of humming birds, we zip lined over the canopy, we had a fantastic rapid ride and we had river tours, where the guide would spot animals along the shore with no problem, there was even a cafe we visited that was full of huge iguanas. So yes, it was a amazing experience all round!

Spain, I loved everything about Spain. I’ve been on two tours of Spain where we visited a lot of different places. Spain has been the only place that I wanted to come back, even when I hadn’t come back home yet! It also inspired me to try and learn the language. I loved the scenery, the food, tapas and pinchos! The places we explored were so pretty and I always say I wish I was there longer! I hope to go back to Spain again at some point! I do hear currently Spain’s having a bit of a heatwave and I do worry about that! Certain areas I visited before that were worried about water shortages!

In the UK we had the hottest temperature recorded in the UK last year, 40 c, at the very least Spain is built for the heat, we certainly aren’t! Though of course having water shortages is definitely a bigger problem and fear more and more countries including ourselves will also face this problem.

On that somber note I um hope you enjoyed reading?

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