Daily Prompt: One

When do I feel most productive?

While I am organising my website I decided to post these everyday, in the meantime!

I feel the most productive when I feel like my life is organised and I know what I’m doing, I suddenly have time to study, time to volunteer and time to think about my future.

Thats why I have started to use my calendar more and more which really helps organise my life!

I’m working, volunteering at different places, studying two different online courses and doing this website and trying to learn Spanish so it can get a bit hectic sometimes! But as long as I plan ahead, I feel a lot more productive!

I sometimes write stories online too and when I have everything planned I’m incredibly motivated and post a chapter a day or every two days and some of my readers have asked me how I post so often and at first I didn’t really know why I felt so motivated but now I know, when I think or know where I am headed in the future and I have a clear direction, then I am motivated and then I am productive!

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