Cartoon: Informal Commentary/Review: BLIND: My Little Pony, Season One, Episode Eight

(All the shows apart from the beginning episode of Death Note and My Little Pony up to this point are blind however if I’ve watched something before I’ll let you know beforehand or in the comments if I’ve been spoiled on something)  Lets begin shall we! Yes its blind! Finally!

And I bet I know who that is, however best of all this doesn’t look at all familiar to me, hopefully if it stays this way this will be my first blind commentary for My Little Pony.
I guess that makes sense.
I have a feeling I know who’s side I’m on in this probably going to be an argument between them then they make up episode. Its JUST rain fashion Pony, RELAX, also its JUST MUD.
Aannd here comes the argument. I agree with Applejack here.
See! Now thunder and lightning I get, mud and rain?
Why exactly didn’t you do that in the first place?
Ah, I can already tell this will go really badly.
Get ready to be disappointed Twilight.
Same goes to you fashion Pony, certainly nothing, like being snarky, rude and snobby for instance?
Yeah, of course you both won’t ruin this for Twilight. I hope she snaps and shouts at both of you.
My god Twilight, there spat was so in your face there, it wasn’t even subtle, how could you miss it? Or are you just trying to ignore it? If you missed it, idiot one…
They’re all idiots but still Twilight, please pick up on whats going on!
And it clicks, thank you, finally.
Ah, so she’s just trying to ignore it then.
You both know Slumber parties are meant to be fun right? Sigh…
I haven’t watched but I can just see whats going to happen. Twilights going to get upset at some point and they’re going to realise what idiots they are being and make up. Oh my god Twilight. I’m so facepalming right now.
Lol, some of this reminds me fighting with my sister when we had to share the bed sometimes when we went different places, when we were like eight or nine!
And theres Twilight snapping, totally not predictable, note my sarcasm.
Ah you should have listened to her then.
Why on earth did you pull it?!
Maybe you both should get the GIANT TREE out first and fix the dam window before you start arguing?!
Oh for gods sake Twilight, okay you know what? Both of their arguing was more understandable than what you are doing right now!
Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 00.24.15
I think I would have liked this episode a lot more if Twilight wasn’t being so dim-witted/oblivious. The rest of the ending was not interesting to me, so I didn’t feel the need to comment on it.


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