Daily Prompt, Six

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom means to me that I can follow what makes me happy. I can save up money to travel, I can plan how I am going to reach my career goals. I can express myself in the way I want too and not have to worry about what the authorities would think and I think I’m lucky to live in a country where you can do that.

In the UK we don’t have freedom of speech but we do have freedom of expression. I never want freedom of speech though since it means people can say incredibly horrible racist things and not have any consequences or at least that’s my opinion on it.

I do like the fact and it makes me feel safe we can report to the police if are words are used as a weapon against us, because words can be just as damaging as violence. Words can also be a warning towards a physical attack as well.

Sometimes yes this system has been abused but I would rather this be in place than enable people get away with saying incredibly horrible things whenever they want.

I do think it’s odd when certain people say the UK should have freedom of speech because to me and many others it sounds like they specifically want to say horrible things and not be punished for it and we’ll often view them as someone who is potentially racist, homophobic or something like that.

So yeah…be careful of saying that in the future or many of us won’t have a very good impression of you 😅

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