Anime: Informal Commentary/Review: Death Note, Episode Four

Lets start!

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.57.36
Now you look pretty cool. I wonder if any of them will follow him into the human world? I mean there must be a reason we keep on seeing them, they must have a impact on the story somehow?
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.59.16
I didn’t expect him to say that though I doubt that he’ll never take the deal. He didn’t seen sincere when he said it was out of the question. Maybe he is thinking of taking the deal closer on? Or when he is near his goal?
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.02.33
I have to say I do find their interactions very entertaining to watch and I’m so glad he didn’t take the deal.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.06.18
Thats actually pretty sad. I’m not feeling sorry for them, am I? Please tell me I’m not.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.07.26
This is funny coming from him. I think you’re not seeing the bigger picture here Light… theres a reason L and the police are trying to take you down.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.11.26
I am also interested and scared at the same time
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.13.36
How the hell did you work out he could control their actions? Seriously I love how smart you are. I wonder if Light wanted them to be released to the media and expected L to figure that out or not?
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.16.56
Thats what I want to know as well!
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.18.16
If it was meaningless then why did L seem to work something out?
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.21.12
Death flag anyone? I also feel really sorry for that girl.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.21.57
Okay, sympathy for this dude is gone. Can you be more obvious?!
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.40.03
Okay I’m still confused at his end goal, how did Light no that he’d get on this bus? Unless he is being controlled right now? Mmm, well if he is going to be controlled or is controlled I could see him getting the drug addict to shoot his stalker. It’ll look completely innocent that way.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.43.12
Or they get friendly after he “saves” Lights life and he tells Light his name. Or he know the stalker would come in to the rescue and is killed while trying to stop the drug addict and the letter was purposely shown to the girl to get his stalker to see and Light knew that would get the Stalker to jump into action.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.46.52
Ooh, okay, nicely done, didn’t expect that. Well at least when he dies he’ll know he screwed up. Though if this guy was clever he’d tell someone that he gave away his identity just in case as quickly as possible, unless Light has the death note on him and kills him stat.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.50.43
Ta daaa and you’re dead.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.51.18
Ah! That creepy smile though 😦
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.53.54
Oh! So that piece of paper he dropped was part of the Death Note? I can’t deny that this is a pretty clever plan. With the way things are going the drug addict could shoot the Stalker by accident.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.00.00
Hey, cool! I was right, sort of anyway. I did wonder how Light would know he was boarding that buss unless he was controlling him and it turned out he was, ha. One thing about this though, wouldn’t L know who the stalker guy was investigating? And even if his death is incredibly accidental knowing that L knows that Light can control people and all the other FBI people who are investigating other people involved with the police don’t drop dead, wouldn’t that cast suspicion on Light either way?


Last Sentence Take Away: That was a freaking clever plan! I do wonder how Light will be able to kill the FBI guy non suspiciously though?

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