Informal Tiny Review: Ready Player One

First Impression:

Great Film! I went to see this film with a friend, I was very interested in how everything would come together. I loved the references within this movie. However the thing that really made this film great was its message (Despite that I didn’t pay much attention to it while I watched but I was aware how relatable it is) and the special effects were EPIC.

Random Thoughts Throughout The Film (Scenes that stick out to me and what I was thinking when I watched it)

Our main character enters the game. 

I can tell I am going to enjoy this.

Wade looks at one of the players on a motorbike

Let me guess, this will be his love interest… I’ll give the film props if this doesn’t happen.

The race is about to start. 

I’ve never been that interested at watching car racing before but going with what type of film this is I have a feeling I’m going to like it.

King Kong appears and wrecks everything.

Ohmygod! I love this! Godzilla! I mean King Kong! Why did I just call you Godzilla? Anyway this just took a scary yet epic turn. I bet there will be a lot of games based on this.

Wade tries to impress Art3miss. 

Stop it, your embarrassing yourself sweetie. Aech heart rate thing is so funny.  Yep she has no interest in you, though I have a feeling that will change.

Wade goes to memory bank. 

What I don’t get was how wasn’t this figured out before? That hint was incredibly easy to figure out.

Wade goes backwards in the race and gains the first key. 

Don’t crash! This reminds me of Harry Potter running into the column to get to the train. Oooh, thats cool.

Evil boss dude takes notice (Can’t remember his name so evil boss dude it is)

Well he looks like the stereotypical evil business man.

Art3miss and Wade meet up at the disco place within the game.

And she is definitely more interested now. I have to say I love their dance scene so much.

Wade confesses his love. 

You’ve only known her for like a couple of days kid, slow down. I am not surprised at the way she reacted.

Wade saves them with a cube, when they are ambushed. 

Okay thank you Wade but I agree with Art3miss, WHY WAIT UNTIL NOW TO USE IT?

Art3miss leaves him. 

Definitely expected that.

Evil boss dude bombs Wades home with his aunt and her boyfriend. 

GIVE HER THE DAM PHONE. Ah, to late. Dam….

Wade is kidnaped. 

Evil boss dude got him! Nooooooooo.

He meets Art3miss or Samantha. 

Oh. Okay, maybe not. Nice, you actually got me there film and yay she actually looks normal and not like Hollywood supermodel, though she is still pretty don’t get me wrong, just not the fake pretty I see a lot if these types of films.

Samantha figures out the next clue. 

Yes! I’m glad its not just Wade figuring out the clues.

They are in the film, the Shining.

Oh no…but oh so epic.

Aech is spooked. 


Art3miss gets the second key. 

This is so cool, for some reason I love Art3miss expression and her line when she asks Kira to dance.

Samantha and Wade get ambushed. 

Just run! What-what are you doing Samantha? You have plan right? Please say you have plan (I am aware that doesn’t make sense)

Wade meets Sho, Daito and Aech or Helen. 

OMG, I love them all.

They save Samantha from evil boss dude. 

Yes! But what are you doing Samantha, shouldn’t you be escaping?!

She saves them by getting rid of the shield. 

Never mind! Can I kiss you?

Iron Giant vs Metal Godzilla

All I can say was this was EPIC.

Wade shoots her to save her. 

Noooooooooooooo but at the same time I understand, it had to be done 😦

Evil boss dude tries to destroy the game.

Stop him!

Evil boss dude actually does destroy the game. 

Run for it! Oh, thats to fast. I am not sure if its a bad thing or not for the game to be gone but like this? This type of film needs a happy ending, the good guys can’t end up losing! There has to be a way but I can’t see it.

Wade somehow survives. 

Wait, what?


Bloody hell I had no clue that coin was important! Mmmmmm….So when did he get that exactly? I think I missed it.

Everyone listening to Wade’s speech. 

Just one thing, how are the people on the street NOT bumping into each other? Especially when they were fighting before in the film. How-is-that-meant-to-work??

Evil boss dude goes after them with a gun. 

Dun, dun daaa. Though I do wonder how this will end, I can’t imagine them having a full fight scene that isn’t in the game.

Wade meets Halliday.

Hi Halliday! Its been a while, I love your speech, yes reality is definitely important. Though I do wonder how the hell you are here if you are dead? Did you like put your soul/mind into the game or something?

Halliday gives him the egg. 


Evil boss dude decides not to shoot him in the end. 

I bet its the first good choice you made in your life, isn’t it. Have a fun time in prison!

Wade shares the game with his clan or his friends he made.

Hell yeah!

They decide to close the game on certain days.

I don’t blame them but at the same time I do and would love to completely ignore Halliday’s message and live in a game….sorry (Sing song voice) I’m oonly huummmaaan….

Wade and Samantha kiss.

Awwww but also sickeningly sweet. I feel like someone should come in between them and remind them to breath, like in a Doctor Who episode with Rory and Amy. AND BREATHE, lol.

Cons: The main character was quite cliche and the plot was predictable in the long run.

Pros: In the short run there were some twists I didn’t expect, the characters were relatable, the references and special effects were amazing. Its a incredibly fun friendly action packed but also romance based film.




Overall Conclusion: So there is a reason why this is incredibly short. Or much shorter than it was going to be. Well I wrote a review that was over two thousand words and it didn’t save the draft even though I did try and save it but it wasn’t working so I lost most it, yay, note my sarcasm. So loosing most of my review really put a downer on writing this out again so it took longer to come out and is much shorter than what it was originally going to be. Now on to the film, there isn’t much to say overall. Not very original but its a fun and family friendly film, if you ignore the fact two people were blown up in it but if they don’t show the goriness or any thing that’ll get it R rated then blowing up people in this film is completely fine! Because thats what action movies are all about right? Anyway the special effects are incredible and you’d do well to see this in 3D. If you want something just for the family and something you don’t have to think to much about while watching then this is for you.


Last Word: The Shining and Iron Giant, thats all I need to say.




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