Informal Medium Review: Black Panther

First Impression: 

Fantastic film! I still think the Darkest Hour is the best film I’ve seen this year but this one comes a close second. When I came out of the cinema I was excited, the main bad guy struck out the most to me and his death scene was especially rememberable. Though I have to say there was something that did put a dampen on my mood after the film but don’t worry that has nothing to do with the actual film.

Random Thoughts Throughout The Film (Scenes that stick out to me and what I was thinking when I watched it)

“I never freeze”

Somehow I doubt that. Though I have no idea whats going on.

He freezes up. 

I knew it! Ha.

The competition starts when its started panning up the rock to show the people watching 

Mmmm, thats not many-

Pans up more. 

Oh, forget what I said, nice!

T’Challa drinking something that takes away his strength. 

You know I had no idea that his strength was supernatural or something like that and I bet that drink isn’t going to come back and bite him in the ass at some point. Like how could something like that happen? Note my sarcasm.

The challenge… 

I love how all the warriors close in on them and restrict their movements but … STOP GETTING SO CLOSE TO THAT FREAKING EDGE! Also after the fight how do you just lean like that? Well, at least I know he has no fears of heights…. jeez…

Killmonger stealing the artefact. 

Last time I checked that museum doesn’t look like that? I’ve been to a lot of popular museums in England and they are much more old looking, yeah I live near London so… Well I guess either they just modernised it for story sake, I have never been to that museum before, or its gotten a make over since last time I went.  Anyway… I suggest you run museum lady and call security like now…or I guess you could just let him finish his speech and just stare. Helpful, really helpful. Though cool scene at the same time.

Klaue shows his arm

I have three things to say about that arm, I love it, I am slightly scared of it and can I have it?

T’Challa gets involved with the deal the Americans are making for the vibranium, in the gambling room

Its Watson! Now wheres Sherlock? Okay, okay I am only kidding but I will forever remember Martin Freeman as Watson. Now I have to say I was amused when I realised he was meant to be a working for the CIA. I am ashamed to admit I did spend a lot of time trying to listen to his accent and seeing if I could hear my own accent in it and wondering if he sounded realistic or fake to actual Americans. Love the fight scene too! .The guy with the gun in his hand (I kept on forgetting his name) I also decided he was crazy and I like his character

Klaue is shot by Killmonger

Oh, well he didn’t last long.

Killmonger revealing he was not an American

Hell yeah! But also oh no… for whats probably to come.


Seriously anything to do with Shuri I loved, any scene with her was fantastic but I don’t unfortunately have the luxary of going over every scene with her. I really wish that there would be a sequel with her at as the main character.

Killmonger revealing himself to everyone including T’Challa

Oh no, this is not going to be good, cringe!

Killmonger challenging T’Challa and fighting him

Wait… is this the end? It can’t be the end right? Also I remember seeing a fight in a different surroundings that this in the trailer, spoiler I guess?

T’Challa loosing

Wait, what?

T’Challa being pushed of the cliff

I know you were going to come back cliff, dam yooooouuuuuuu. On a serious note, okay how the hell does he survive that?! HOW?! Unless…. I’ve been watching this wrong the whole time…unless Killmonger is the real black panther and the films really about him? maybe? Dun dun daa?

Watson walking around

To be honest even though you are the only actor I recognise I may have forgot you existed… oops.

Killmonger going to his father while gaining the black panther power

So this story really is about him now? My mind is being blown. I thought, I don’t know he’d be rejected or something.

T’Challa being revealed to be alive still

I knew it! Or…thats what I would have liked to say, haha. I feel dump for falling for it but at least its good story telling. I still don’t see how he was alive still though…

Okoye and her warriors fights Killmonger 

I know you are amazingly skilled and I am glad you are turning your backs on him but no! I really like your character so don’t fight him! Only main characters can defeat main villains, or even just main rivals, everyone should know this troupe by now, just back away slowly, okay?

Watson piloting

It reminds me of a theme park simulator, ha XD I bet they’ll get ideas for that in theme parks in Orlando!

Killmonger and T’Challa fight.

I don’t really know how to describe this fight, all I could think while I was watching this was, I LOVE THIS and EPIC also I wanted to go to the toilet but it was to EPIC for me to leave. I had to rush out afterwards ha.

Killmonger’s death. 

Why am I sad, isn’t it meant to be good his defeated? Its kinda cliche as well yet my eyes have gone all teary? Why couldn’t you just let me hate him film? Dam you! But I love you for that at the same time.

End of the film shot. 

Wow, I love that, now its TOILET TIME. Run! I can make it! I think! (I did make it thankfully)


Now again very cliche and cheesy.

Some characters didn’t have much personality to me.


Special effects were awesome.


Killmonger’s death and his motives.

All fight scenes where brilliant to watch.


Overall conclusion:

I honestly really loved this film, the way they portrayed the villain was fantastic, he is up there with Loki and the Vulture for my best marvel villains. The message behind the film was also really brilliantly well executed.  However I did say something dampening my mood about this film and that was really two things, one that well I really needed the toilet near the end so I didn’t appreciate the final part of the ending as much as I probably should have. Also the second part is the main part why this got a 9.5 instead of a 10/10.

The thing is, I brought my mother along with to watch the movie. She tends to like marvel films or enjoy them for what they are, anyway. However after the film I asked her what she thought of the film, expecting her to smile and say she enjoyed it, just like I did. Like it was EPIC, right?

However all she did was tell me, looking amused was how she thought they’d copied James Bond with the tech Shuri had made. And that was it. That was her literal comment about the whole movie. She said she liked it but that was it, nothing else. It was nothing special to her. Thats when I started to doubt my opinion, had I been lost in the hype? Was it really not all that different from other films I’d seen? I loved it but if I looked at it more objectively would it just be…just another movie? I even looked up reviews afterwards just to check that the fantastical reviews I’d heard it been getting where true and to try and validate my opinion. Which they were. So I did stick with my feelings of enjoyment but it did loose some fantastical vibes for me when my own mother was able to make me doubt what I had been feeling. Unfortunately hearing something like that from someone who you really respect their opinions on things, I usually agreed with her opinions on films and television shows we’d watched anyway and want them to share in your excitement but then you can’t… then it distorts your feelings when you think back to what you watched. Am I right? Are they? I can’t lie to you that I didn’t doubt my opinion so thats why I had to put 9.5/10 when I wanted to put 10/10 but then I guess it doesn’t really matter, this is after all my own opinion and not someone else’s and thats what should matter. 

(This is also why after watching this I’ve decided to not look up any reviews on anything I’m going to be reviewing on this website until afterwards)

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