Daily Prompt, Nine

Daily writing prompt
What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

The oldest thing I’m wearing today is likely a ring I got from my mum as a present, I’m not a hundred percent what year I got it but its at least been over eight years. It was the first ring I wore everyday and I’m still wearing it now! Its a silver colour and is a simple swirly design around my finger ❤

Now this ring has been joined by two snake rings my sister gave me as a present last year and four other rings I got on holiday this year. I really enjoy wearing them and I think they look really cool!

I didn’t really know I liked wearing rings until my mum got me one, so thank you so much to her!

Daily Prompt, Eight

Daily writing prompt
What public figure do you disagree with the most?

I disagree with a lot of public figures but I’m just going to talk about one that’s got on my nerves recently since I found some of his videos on YouTube.

This is a very long rant! So sorry about this! 😅

Andrew Tate, anyone who tells me I can’t or shouldn’t want to do something because of my gender and I’m broken if I don’t want those things, which he has actually said, can go fxck themselves as far as I’m concerned.

I also watched a video of him where his logic was all over the place. He basically tried to defend his view that women are bad drivers and someone pointed out to him that statistically that wasn’t true then he didn’t seem to understand that his own experience wasn’t facts? And still tried to defend himself.

If someone gives you facts, either research your own facts to try and prove them wrong but don’t just go, well I’m going to believe my own opinion, no matter what! It makes you come across as not only sexist due to his opinion he wouldn’t change and not that clever either. Like the way he speaks sometimes he sounds smart but how on earth can you argue your own personal experience, over facts? That’s not logical at all!

Also he goes against his own again logic, because with what he saying because of our genders we want different things and we think differently, since we think differently then how do you Andrew Tate, a man, know or understand what we are thinking? Or what the majority of women, around 3.905 billion, of us are thinking?

What’s my own logic on this? All genders should both be treated like we’re humans and can think for ourselves and not have someone tell us how we should be.

Me personally? As a women I do go against the stereotypes (I don’t wear make up, I am not interested in fashion and I’m not interested in a partner either, maybe that makes me selfish but I would rather focus on myself, finding myself a career I enjoy and travelling) so I suppose that’s why it rubs me the wrong way so much when someone tells me you should be like this.

Like some stuff makes sense, in how we’re built, usually the guy is the physical strongest so they’re expected to do more of the physical lifting but just because they’re more able but that shouldn’t stop a women from just sitting back and expecting the man to do it or doing it herself or helping, like they have every right to decide for themselves whether to step into a fight or a heavier physical role.

Andrew Tate sometimes brings up what used to happen in the cavemen days, but his forgetting in families while in the past men were the first line of defence but the women were the second line of defence for the child.

This has been proven up until now a days with real stories of mothers performing feats of strength and bravery to protect their child, so for him to act like it’s just the man’s job to protect and behave like we can’t also that is insulting as hell.

Yes we’re not as strong or as fast but we can still put up a fight, especially if our loved ones are in danger, those stories of beware of mothers protecting their children, didn’t come from thin air and don’t only apply to mother bears.

Though my main thought, whatever ever we do, it’s our own choice. No one should tell us how to behave because of our gender. And too any guys reading, I’m not saying opinions shouldn’t be listened too, just because your guys, I’m saying you shouldn’t expect her to do something just because she is a women and visa versa ladies!

Though to guys specifically, if you want us to do something and it might be taken in the wrong way or talk about what you want out of a relationship or whatever it is specifically, discuss it first instead of assuming!

Don’t be an Andrew Tate who assumes he knows what we want!

Daily Prompt, Seven

Daily writing prompt
What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

I would love to be an animator for one day, if I had the skills that is! I am a very visual person and I like writing stories so I would love to be able to create a very short animated story. The work that goes into animation in general just feels awe inspiring to me! Unfortunately I have so many other things I’m trying to do currently and learning to animate would just be too much.

I did buy a huge book to do with beginner animation a couple of years ago, so hopefully one day I will have enough time in my life to create something.

Daily Prompt, Six

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom means to me that I can follow what makes me happy. I can save up money to travel, I can plan how I am going to reach my career goals. I can express myself in the way I want too and not have to worry about what the authorities would think and I think I’m lucky to live in a country where you can do that.

In the UK we don’t have freedom of speech but we do have freedom of expression. I never want freedom of speech though since it means people can say incredibly horrible racist things and not have any consequences or at least that’s my opinion on it.

I do like the fact and it makes me feel safe we can report to the police if are words are used as a weapon against us, because words can be just as damaging as violence. Words can also be a warning towards a physical attack as well.

Sometimes yes this system has been abused but I would rather this be in place than enable people get away with saying incredibly horrible things whenever they want.

I do think it’s odd when certain people say the UK should have freedom of speech because to me and many others it sounds like they specifically want to say horrible things and not be punished for it and we’ll often view them as someone who is potentially racist, homophobic or something like that.

So yeah…be careful of saying that in the future or many of us won’t have a very good impression of you 😅

Daily Prompt, Five

Daily writing prompt
Do you vote in political elections?

I only vote in general elections and if another election becomes important to me for some reason or another.

(While I am reorganising my website I decided to do these once a day)

I’m from the UK and I do not like the current government in charge, the conservatives so I am very happy to see them loosing seats in the local election and I’ll vote for whichever party will help kick them out.

I blame them for a lot of things going wrong in the UK as I think they only care about themselves, the conservatives in my opinion have been in power far too long.

I hear we may have a general election next year and I hope the conservatives will be kicked out of power.

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