Update On Reviews/Commentaries

I’m currently working out a plan on when I should be posting them and what time. I will put up my schedule on this post once its worked out. Though thank you so so much to everyone who has read and liked them! it means so much to me that people are actually interested in them! This should take one to three days. So I’ll either start uploading my reviews/commentaries again on Monday or Wednesday, anyway, see you then!


All around 11:30 (For some reason sometimes it doesn’t publish at the time I want so it should be at least around 11:30)

  • Monday- Bleach: 11:30
  • Tuesday- My Little Pony: 11:30
  • Wednesday- Bleach: 11:30
  • Thursday- Seraph of the End: 11: 30
  • Friday- My Little Pony: 11: 30
  • Saturday- Death Note: 11:30
  • Sunday- Prison Break: 11: 30


If I decide to add anything then all the shows will just move up one and continue moving up. So they won’t on those days but will be in the same order.


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